Operational Safeguards

While physical and technical safeguards are best described as “reactive” measures in the event of an intruder, operational safeguards are the day-to-day proactive protections to help prevent such an event from happening in the first place, or preparing students and staff for every facet of a potential crisis.

Our schools already have many of these measures in place, such as lockdown drills and anti-bullying programs. We would love to work with the student body, staff, law enforcement, etc. to help bring additional programs to the schools. The input from people in the schools promises to help develop the best programs to reduce bullying, improve social inclusion, and take notice of dangerous attitudes and behaviors. This is also likely our most adaptable area of focus, and has potential to change over time.

Say Something is a program that can be delivered in classes, assemblies or via student ambassadors. Training takes 50 minutes or less with a wide range of post-training activities and events to ensure sustainability and integration into the school culture. SHP will train educators and/or students or you can download a digital kit with presentation and resource guides.