Physical Safeguards

One important way to diminish violence from school intruders is to physically block their access to any victims. We will work with local law enforcement, security experts, and school professionals to determine the best option for each and every door in each and every school.

Bearacade Lockdown Response System

  • Deploys quickly and easily on any interior inward- or outward-swinging door
  • Comes equipped with reflective external notification panel to guide administrators and safety forces that the device is deployed
  • Can withstand up to 4800 pounds of external force (10x the strength of a traditional lock)
  • Does not require any mounted hardware or changes to the door or frame
    • Requires one pre-drilled 5/16” anchor hole into subflooring
  • Administration and safety forces are provided with a defaulting tool to gain access if needed
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Quick to deploy
  • Quick to deactivate (pull the pin and go—one motion)
  • Compliant with:
  • International fire code lockdown procedures
    • 104.8, Modifications and 104.9, Alternative Materials and Methods, and section 1008 Means of Egress (documentation available if requested)
    • FEMA lockdown procedures
    • ALICE training
    • AVOID training (ALERRT Center at Texas State University)
    • FBI “Run – Hide – Fight!” training