Technical Safeguards

An important method of securing our schools is through an instant alert system, which will immediately notify all staff and local law enforcement officials of a crisis. Combining physical barricades, technological advances, and ongoing lockdown drills with all staff and students, the baseline security level of our  schools will increase substantially.


SchoolGuard & Hero911 Network

  • Panic button app system installed on the smartphone of every staff member
  • When activated, the app:
    • Speed dials 911
    • Displays a mapped location of the school shooting alert
    • Instantly alerts all teachers and staff
    • Instantly alerts all participating schools within 5 miles
    • Instantly alerts all participating law enforcement officers (on and off duty) who are in close proximity
  • In addition to violent intruder situation, also useful for:
    • Teacher Assist for intraschool situations
    • Principal Push capability for principal or administrator to send a private message or warning to ALL SchooGuard users
    • Test Mode could be used to satisfy school safety training mandates
    • Response Plan is a dedicated page for principals to upload the school’s individual response plan
  • Invisible to students to ensure they remain focused on academics
  • Out of the reach of students to prevent false alarms
  • Can be activated on or nearby school grounds
  • Unlimited downloads